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It Works in 4 Easy Steps

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1. Register

Sign up with us. We will lead you through the application process and provide access to the platform

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2. Login to Platform

You can view the details of your approved invoices due from your buyer

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3. Select Invoices

Select which invoices you would like to sell, and when you would like to receive payment

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4. Get Paid Early

That's all. You will receive a notification upon payment

Select only the invoices you want to sell

No Lockdown


Optimize Cashflow. Grow Your Business


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Pick and choose your invoices to sell. You can sell as many or as few invoices, according to your cash flows needs. No contractual lock in

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Receive your payment as soon as within 24 hours after request

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Everything can be done online with just a few clicks


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CapitalBay is ideal for you should your business have:

  • Strong growth requiring additional working capital
  • Complex business model
  • Seasonal or volatile cash flow demands
You can use us if you are a Malaysia-based business, that sells products or services to large businesses, and gets paid on credit. We love helping businesses succeed, and will work with you to understand your particular needs.  

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